White Dog rapidly increases the efficiency of SEO actions 

White Dog is a Date Science tool that supports browser optimisation through advanced analysis of competitors’ actions.



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Learn about ranking factors that are valuable to your website and start optimising them 

Based on an analysis of 10,000+ websites, we have defined 1,034 factors that have the strongest impact on achieving high results in Google.

Learn how to create content to help you achieve your objectives! Create target pages with a precise focus on the length and quality of your content! Receive detailed advice on how to use lists (bullet points), multimedia and structural data!

Examine what topics in SEO generate the most traffic for your competitors. Where are the gaps in your content plan? Under what industry does Google categorise your content and product catalogues?

Analyse the characteristics of industry leaders’ websites – e.g. do they run faster than yours? Learn about the UX that the TOP 1-3 contents have and whether your business is on that list.

Precisely define how to create meta descriptions and URL structures. Learn how industry leaders do it and what would work for your customers.

Examine the link profiles of your competitors and TOP 1-3 websites. Avoid investing in the wrong decisions; base your decisions on data. A well made link profile is among the most critical ranking factors.

A 70% increase in conversion rate in one month thanks to Data-Driven SEO — a case study of the Sporticos football website

  • Sporticos.com is very elaborate – it has more than 750,000 pages indexed in the Google browser,
  • Most traffic is generated by visits from Google organic search results to pages of matches played on a given day,
  • Traffic from individual countries differs a lot in terms of monetisation value,

With Whites’ support, we have at last focused on a precisely defined sector. Using very specific figures, they showed us where we stand, where our competitors are and in what areas we should develop.

Jakub Drozd

CEO @ Sporticos.com

White Dog is a tool that allows you to assess the impact of individual ranking factors on the position you occupy. With the help of the White Dog report, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary activities and prioritise optimisation which achieves the most effective results.

Paweł Zakrzewski

SEO Senior Specialist @ Whites

What you will find in a report  

Classification of high-intent phrases that place your company on positions 1-3 in Google search results. The ranking does not take brand phrases into account. It recognises your industry or industries you compete with. This will give you a unique summary that will enable you to compare the effects of positioning your website against your competitors.

The list compares the number of unique internal links of your website and websites of your competitors in your industry. The tool also analyses outbound (external) links and the profile of links referring to your website.

White Dog can analyse Natural Language Properties (NLP). The tool compares how phrases entered by users in Google match the language and properties of your titles. Your effects are compared with your competitors and the industry in which your business operates.

In SEO, HTML changes are among the most expensive and least reliable investments. White Dog precisely analyses the impact of your HTML structure on your position in Google.